Toronto bred, L.A. based Alexander Vincent is about to drop his brand new debut single, “I Won’t”. Following four years as the drummer for Magic!, Alexander (aka Alex Tanas) has also established himself as a producer. Now, Alexander is able to put his own sound out, including his first track, “I Won’t”.

Says Alexander on where he’s at now:

My favorite word right now is ‘vulnerable’. You just have to open yourself up, and a lot of us are just closed down. When you’re open to your emotions, when you’re crying to a pop song, there’s actually something very mature about that. Being vulnerable means challenging yourself to connect with something deeper. Saying ‘yes’ means really opening yourself up, to musicality, to a more profound experience.

His new track is the culmination of this vulnerability. “I Won’t” combines the gently delivered hard-hitting lyrics. With Alexander’s versatility as a drummer, producer, and singer, he’s able to bring the best aspects of all his talents to the table.

Alexander hopes the future will bring an LP (including “I Won’t”), and we hope so too.

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