Brazilian/American rock band Added Color are excited to release their latest EP Mr. Industry. The Brooklyn-based band has played has played 200 shows since 2014, touring in over 20 states and even internationally in Canada, Morocco, and Brazil. They have even played in festivals such as Porao do Roc in Brazil. With budding success, we’re thrilled to share the follow-up to their Psycho EP with you.

Mr. Industry covers an intense and diverse side of the band’s sound— the angst is in the lyrics and it is evident that this is rock that you can scream or even relax to. The song “My Industry” discusses the darker side music/entertainment industry in a very honest light. “Mr. Industry” discusses how many followers you have, what you can do to sell a band or a product and how is it that I can only live on ten dollars a day? “Mr. Industry” rightfully states “I call bullshit.” “Same Place” is a little different in the fact that it dials back the vibe to a more pyschedlic state. “I had a dream, in a familiar place but all the people that I thought I knew had unfamiliar faces,” sings the band. Added Color is able to keep a balance between chill/funky and “frustrated” rock with tracks that vary such as “Mr. Industry” and “Same Place.”

March 1 – Washington, DC  – Songbyrd
March 2 – Philadelphia, PA – Tusk
March 15 – Norwich, CT – Strange Brew
March 16 – Portland, ME – Portland Empire
March 17 – Florence, MA – 13th Floor
April 28 – Layounne, Morocco
May 1 – Safi, Morocco
May 2 – Youssoufia, Morocco
May 3 – Benguerir, Morocco
May 4 – Casablanca, Morocco
May 5 – Khouribga, Morocco
May 6 – El Jadida, Morocco
May 19 – Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory
June 15 – Portland, ME – Portland House of Music
June 16 – New London, CT – 33 Golden St

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Abby Trapp