NYC-based Acid Dad is revving up to release their debut LP in March, so of course we’re getting bits and pieces of what to expect. We’re thrilled, to say the least. The quartet really brought their A game with “2Ci”, a hip shaker of a track that really lures you in from the very first, quick, energetic notes. With this track comes the now quintessential, reverb-filled, nostalgic Brit-pop Acid Dad sound, blended perfectly with modern elements and guitar riffs that could shatter your soul. something we honestly can’t get enough of. “2Ci” will put all the bounce in your step necessary to survive the week, and then it will get you through the weekend in fine form.

We guarantee it.

Acid Dad’s debut LP is expected March 9th via Greenway Records. Keep up with them here.

Meredith Schneider