“heaven” by culture wars: a raw and intimate musical embrace

“heaven” by culture wars: a raw and intimate musical embrace

With their latest single, “Heaven,” Austin-based trio Culture Wars plunges listeners into the dizzying rapture of all-consuming love. Blending raw energy with heartfelt intimacy, the track’s smooth guitars, propulsive basslines, and pulsing rhythms mirror love’s intoxicating rush.

“All I have is your love,” frontman Alex Dugan chants over a hypnotic bassline, his voice—reminiscent of Julian Casablancas and Matt Berninger—carrying both desperation and reverence. This refrain becomes the song’s heartbeat, a mantra born from Dugan’s real-life period of isolation while living abroad, where these words took on literal significance.

Lyrically, “Heaven” reads like fevered journal entries, snapshots of a heart so full it might burst. “Fill my head up / Cold and broken down (I need it now) / Heat my heart and / Heat my heartache out,” Dugan pleads, framing love not just as desire, but as a salve for deep wounds. It’s a sentiment that hits even harder when contrasted with the band’s earlier, more detached writing. Here, vulnerability isn’t just on display—it’s a force of nature.

The beauty of “Heaven” lies in its ability to immerse you in the feeling of being utterly consumed by love. The outside world fades away, replaced by a swirling vortex of you and your person. Verses simmer with restrained longing before exploding into choruses that swell with tidal waves of affection. Dynamic shifts aren’t just heard; they’re felt, carrying the listener through love’s peaks and valleys. A bridge near the song’s end strips things back to little more than voice and heartbeat-like percussion—a musical inhale before the final, cathartic release.

While “Heaven” explores well-worn thematic territory, Culture Wars avoids cliché by grounding universal feelings in vivid specificity. The result is at once highly personal and widely resonant. It’s a track that feels vitally current in an era of digital disconnection as the band reminds us how earth-shattering human connection can be.

Don’t just listen to “Heaven.” Let it envelop you. Let Alex Dugan’s lovesick pleas unlock your own memories of consuming passion. Let the pulsing instrumentals sweep you off your feet until you, too, are standing in that transcendent place where love is all that exists. Then, once you’ve caught your breath, join the growing chorus of voices eager to see where Culture Wars heads next. Because if “Heaven” is any indication, this ascent is just beginning!

irontom rocks the world with “SUPER//STAR”

irontom rocks the world with “SUPER//STAR”

Get ready to crank up the volume and dive into the electrifying world of rock with IRONTOM‘s ‘SUPER//STAR.’ This high-energy track is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, fueled by edgy guitar riffs, pulsating rhythms, and a captivating vocal delivery that demands your attention from the get-go.

From the moment the first chords hit, ‘SUPER//STAR’ sets the stage for an exhilarating musical journey. The lyrics oscillate between bold self-confidence and introspective vulnerability, creating a dynamic contrast that draws listeners in. The repeated chorus, declaring the speaker as a ‘superstar,’ echoes with anthemic power, making it impossible not to get caught up in the hype.

IRONTOM‘s masterful fusion of rock elements and electronic textures adds a modern twist to the song, creating a sound that’s both familiar and fresh. The band’s tight instrumentation, combined with the lead singer’s charismatic delivery, captures the essence of rock ‘n’ roll energy. The way the track builds, combining catchy hooks with an explosive chorus, makes it an instant earworm that’s bound to leave you singing along.

What makes ‘SUPER//STAR’ truly shine is its ability to encapsulate the allure and complexities of fame in a single track. The lyrics dive into themes of love, betrayal, and the pursuit of recognition, painting a vivid picture of the highs and lows that come with the superstar lifestyle. The song’s clever blend of sarcasm and genuine emotion adds layers to the narrative, inviting listeners to consider the various facets of the ‘superstar’ identity.

Overall, ‘SUPER//STAR’ by IRONTOM is a rock anthem that doesn’t just rock your speakers—it rocks your world. Its infectious energy, magnetic lyrics, and skillful musical arrangement come together to create a track that’s as hype-inducing as it is thought-provoking. Whether you’re a rock enthusiast or simply a fan of high-octane music, this song is a must-listen that will have you hitting the replay button again and again.

9/22 – Grand Rapids, MI – 20 Monroe*
10/3 – Boulder, CO – Boulder Theater*
10/7 – Ventura, CA – Majestic Ventura Theater*
10/19 – Los Angeles, CA – Moroccan Lounge (album release show)
10/31 – San Jose, Costa Rica – Estadio Nacional #
11/4 – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Estádio Engenhão Nilton #
11/7 – Brasilia, Brazil – Arena BSB Mané Garrincha #
11/10 – São Paulo, Brazil – Estádio Do Morumbi #
11/13 – Curitiba, Brazil – Estádio Couto Pereira #
11/16 – Porto Alegre, Brazil – Arena Do Grêmio #
11/19 – Santiago, Chile – Movistar Arena #
11/21 – Santiago, Chile – Movistar Arena #
11/24 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Estadio River Plate #
11/26 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Estadio River Plate #

ready or regret: decoding “whenever you’re ready” by corner club

ready or regret: decoding “whenever you’re ready” by corner club

The lastest from corner club, “Whenever You’re Ready,” evokes a storm of bitterness and resentment, painted vividly with the brushstrokes of raw emotions. The singer pours out her heart with a mix of biting sarcasm and unapologetic candor. Each line is laden with a weighty wish, a fervent longing for those nights when tears will mingle with the silence, a secret hope that her ex will remember them in their darkest hours.

Amid the verses, a bitter cocktail of sentiments bubbles forth. The singer yearns for the ex to tread a path fraught with misadventures and pitfalls. And then comes the chorus, an anthem of unwavering resolve. A pledge not to stand idly by, waiting for forgiveness or reconciliation. Instead, a fierce determination to move forward, leaving the past in the rearview mirror. Yet, there’s a twist to this declaration—a desire for the new lover to be so captivating, so flawlessly enchanting, that the ex-lover finds himself drowning in a sea of insecurities.

The refrain “I hope she’s ready” reverberates like a spell cast in anger. It’s a wish that the new partner faces the same storms and hurricanes that once ravaged the singer’s heart. A vindictive chant that paints a picture of the ex’s world shaken to its core by a cascade of emotions they can’t control. In the bridge, a crescendo of empowerment resonates. The singer stands tall, defiant and resolute. She refuses to be a refuge, a solace, for a wandering soul who only seeks shelter when the world grows harsh. She boldly proclaims that a pretty face won’t be a lifeline, now that the debris of her past has settled.

As the ending hits like a thunderclap, the singer of corner club makes it known—there’s no return, no rekindling of the flame. The ex-lover is urged not to come back, not to utter empty apologies or attempt to undo the unraveling that’s occurred. The words drip with a finality, the bitter taste of resentment hanging heavy in the air.

Preorder the EP here.

loveless soars with “drag me down”

loveless soars with “drag me down”

Loveless invites us into a mesmerizing realm of music where genres blend and emotions soar. With harmonies that tug at heartstrings and lyrics that paint vivid stories, Loveless is a captivating musical journey we cannot miss.

“Drag Me Down,” Loveless’s latest single, takes us on a rollercoaster ride of aspirations and self-discovery, all set to a catchy and upbeat melody. Picture this: a wannabe movie star trying to strut their stuff, hoping to be the next big thing on the silver screen. They’re dreaming big, just like the heroes who always save the day, but they’re also facing some unexpected plot twists.

As the song plays on, our protagonist starts to realize that being a hero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The chorus shouts out “Drag me down with you,” a battle cry against those pesky challenges that try to spoil the fun. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, I won’t let life rain on my parade!”

And just when you think things are settling down, the song throws a curveball with lines like “The fear of dying alone / Doesn’t hurt half as much / As the feeling of letting it go / After one last touch.” It’s a mix of deep thoughts and lively beats, keeping us grooving while pondering life’s twists and turns.

So, kick back, imagine yourself in a movie montage, and let “Drag Me Down” be your anthem of resilience and the pursuit of dreams, all wrapped up in a toe-tapping, head-bobbing package.

8/17 Sydney, AUS Metro Theatre
8/18 Brisbane, AUS Triffid
8/20 Melbourne, Aus 170 Russell
9/16 Paris, FR Trabendo
9/18 Amsterdam, NL Melkweg OZ – SOLD OUT
9/20 Berlin, DE Columbia Theater – UPGRADED
9/21 Hamburg, DE Reeperbahn Festival
9/23 Brussels, BE AB Club – SOLD OUT
9/25 Cardiff, UK Tramshed – UPGRADED
9/26 London, UK Electric Ballroom
9/29 Birmingham, UK O2 Institute 2 – SOLD OUT
9/30 Manchester, UK Academy 2 – UPGRADED & SOLD OUT
10/1 Glasgow, UK Garage – UPGRADED
10/3 Dublin, IE Academy Green Room

xadi’s ‘black rock’ explores the shadows of dark ambiance

xadi’s ‘black rock’ explores the shadows of dark ambiance

Xadi‘s “Black Rock” EP is a captivating musical journey that delves into dark ambiance, effortlessly blending catchy and chill elements. With its personal anecdotes and explorations of drug usage, Xadi weaves a tapestry of experiences that transcends racial boundaries, touching the hearts of listeners from all walks of life.

The EP’s main track, aptly titled “Black Rock,” stands out as a powerful statement that challenges preconceived notions about the relationship between music and race. The quote, “I didn’t know that music had a [sic] colour,” encapsulates the essence of this song and its overarching message. Xadi’s ability to create a sonic landscape that resonates with anyone and everyone, irrespective of their racial background, is truly remarkable.

The EP opens with a dark and haunting aura that immediately sets the tone for the introspective journey ahead. The production values are top-notch, showcasing Xadi’s skill in creating atmospheric soundscapes that immerse the listener. The combination of electronic elements, ethereal vocals, and carefully crafted beats creates a hypnotic experience that draws you in from the very first note.

One of the EP’s greatest strengths lies in its catchiness. Despite exploring deep and personal themes, Xadi manages to infuse the tracks with memorable hooks and melodies that stick with you long after the music ends. This balance between introspection and accessibility is a testament to Xadi’s artistry and ability to create music that can be enjoyed by a wide range of listeners.

“Black Rock” is also an EP filled with personal anecdotes and adventures. Xadi’s storytelling ability shines through as he shares his experiences with drug addiction, painting vivid pictures of struggle, redemption, and personal growth. The lyrics are thought-provoking and introspective, inviting listeners to reflect on their own lives and experiences.

As a black British music artist, Xadi brings a unique perspective to his music. While the EP addresses themes that are deeply rooted in his personal journey, the emotions and messages conveyed have a universal appeal. Xadi’s artistry transcends racial boundaries, touching upon shared human experiences that resonate with anyone willing to listen and empathize.

dreaming in technicolor: luna aura’s psychedelic pop delight, “candy colored daydream”

dreaming in technicolor: luna aura’s psychedelic pop delight, “candy colored daydream”

Step into the enchanting realm of Luna Aura, where cosmic melodies and electrifying beats collide. With her ethereal voice and magnetic energy, Luna defies expectations and creates a sound uniquely her own. Brace yourself for a sonic journey like no other, as Luna Aura’s latest single, “Candy Colored Daydream,” paints vivid musical landscapes that transport you to a world of vibrant imagination. 

In “Candy Colored Daydream,” Luna Aura delves into a realm of self-discovery and empowerment, navigating the highs and lows of life’s journey. The lyrics “The highs, the lows, the fast, the slow. It’s plucking at my feathers, I just wanna let it go” poetically express the emotional turbulence experienced, symbolized by the metaphorical plucking of feathers, as Luna longs to release and find inner peace.

Musically, the song is a masterful fusion of genres, blending elements of pop, electronic, and alternative sounds. Luna’s innovative approach to production and arrangement infuses the track with an infectious energy, making it impossible to resist moving to the rhythm.

The song reflects Luna Aura’s quest for liberation and confidence in a world that can be overwhelming and filled with challenges. It serves as a call to embrace one’s vulnerabilities, allowing for personal growth and the pursuit of authenticity. Through “Candy Colored Daydream,” Luna Aura invites listeners to join her in letting go of burdens and embracing the freedom to be true to oneself.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
9/15 – Wallingford, CT @ The Dome at Oakdale
9/16 – Huntington, NY @ The Paramount
9/18 – North Myrtle Beach, SC @ House of Blues
9/19 – Orlando, FL @ House of Blues
9/21 – Huntsville, AL @ Mars Music Hall
9/22 – Louisville, KY @ Louder Than Life Festival
9/24 – Houston, TX @ House of Blues
9/25 – Dallas, TX @ House of Blues
9/27 – Albuquerque, NM @ Marquee Theatre
10/1 – San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
10/3 – Riverside, CA @ Riverside Municipal Auditorium
10/5 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern
10/8 – Sacramento, CA @ Aftershock Festival

amy jay releases enchanting, nostalgic new earworm “lucid dreaming” that will have you lost in thought on your next commute

amy jay releases enchanting, nostalgic new earworm “lucid dreaming” that will have you lost in thought on your next commute

Indie folk artist Amy Jay continues to impress, carving out delicate landscapes and memories as her story unfolds in front of us all. 2 EPs and an array of singles in, we have grown quite attached to her sound. Jay’s new track “Lucid Dreaming” gives us a taste of what’s to come with her first full-length release, due out next month.

We’ve not been as impressed with a lyricist in a moment and are absolutely thrilled by the specificity that the end of each breathless line brings with it. Jay’s whisper of a voice seems to trace shadows across our skin, while we fall into the comfort of her sweet melody. Lines like “sunscreen and cigarettes/smells like childhood birthdays” give you just a hint of nostalgia attached to the simplicities of early years and seemingly unimportant memories. Explains Jay of the track:

I somehow ended up in the front subway car on the A express train zooming down Manhattan on my way to work, and was mesmerized by the prisms that were forming out of the double-paned window of the train door. As I was in some sort of hypnotic, half asleep, morning commute state, I also picked up the smells of sunscreen and cigarettes, which was probably someone on their way to the beach. But it brought me straight back to a specific, vivid just-like-yesterday memory of a childhood pool party in Miami Lakes where I grew up. Contrasting that past memory with the current state of my mind asking, ‘Am I really an adult?’ and, ‘What is truth, does it even exist?’ is what brought me to write this song. It was a strange train ride.

Sure, the idea of lucid dreaming is a magical concept; having the ability to be aware and make decisions within your dreams can make it feel like two realities exist. Daydreaming, night dreaming, lucid dreaming… what a comforting and strange thing to consider. (And no, we have never identified with a line more than with “nothing’s making sense, nothing’s making sense.”)

Awake Sleeper is out February 11. Keep up with Amy Jay here.

dawson fuss cools you down with “right person, wrong time”

dawson fuss cools you down with “right person, wrong time”

June has been pretty splash-worthy, what with the heatwave enveloping the country and all that jazz. The first shot of Dawson Fuss’ new music video depicts cool, blue waters. The remainder of the video keeps with a majority of cool tones helping to communicate the melancholy nature of the track itself. Splashes of red play in before combining for a full-color effect in limited frames. After all, “Right Person, Wrong Time” is a single we can all relate to in some capacity.

Get drawn in by this attractive track, and its vivid music video accompaniment, below.

Keep up with Dawson Fuss here.

may it be, an evening star| may 2021

may it be, an evening star| may 2021

The outside world is getting more vivid, as more people get vaccinated and the days get longer, summer quickly approaching. Take this time to get outside, get grounded, and love on yourself a little bit. But in the in-between, feel free to play our May soundtrack in the background of whateverthehell you’re spending your time on and with these days. We promise you’ll find some gems to add to your personal collection, and there might be some fun ones built-in for your next vacation playlist! 🙂