Xelli Island, the dream pop project of vocalist, songwriter, and shapeshifter Lianna Vanicelli, has released the first single off the upcoming debut EP of Vanicelli’s solo career, which she describes as her life’s work. After fronting various bands starting at age 14, Xelli began to grow tired of the conflicts that arise within a group dynamic, but today she has found strength and a clear creative direction as a solo artist. Growing up in Detroit as the daughter of a gravedigger, Xelli gained a profound appreciation for strong work ethic, survival, and gratitude. As she began to develop her own musical sound at a young age, she took her down to earth perspective from establishing a creative life in Detroit and her whimsical experiences visiting loved ones in the Philippine islands and used them to find her niche in writing music from a place of charming yet humble wisdom. 

“02 20 20” was written during a unique peak of momentum in the eccentric artist’s life. She was adjusting to a new routine and constantly thinking of all the little steps that needed to be taken to get things done. When working with close friends and collaborators on this project, she applied this mindset, and together they have created an uplifting and productive support system that produces music that takes an honest look at both the inner and outer world that Xelli moves through. The track has a great beat that navigates through densely layered and lush synths that sound out of this world. These extraterrestrial synths are the perfect complement to Xelli’s sweet and otherworldly voice which animates the dream-pop sound. Her lyrics read straight from the heart, perfectly detailing the beauty and the struggle that is life in today’s society– something to look forward to on her EP as well. 

Xelli Island is one to keep your eye on, it will be interesting to see how Vanicelli channels her breadth of experience and renewed creative energy into her solo career, and how she will reach new heights with her future endeavours. Stream “02 20 20” today, and stay tuned for her not-to-be-missed debut EP, coming soon.