If the title isn’t enough to entice you (the full version is “Eating Ass 2020”), perhaps Wwoman‘s silky smooth vocals and light as a feather soundscapes will give you reason. As artist and musician g smee’s one-man project, wwoman delivers a well-thought out track for us to enjoy during social distancing. Admits the artist, “It’s a remake of the first track I ever recorded, ‘EA2020’ is a redemption track. A therapist once told me my problem is that I can’t settle for good when better exists.”

While many of us are spending more time with our own idiosyncrasies, he bares it all in his music. The lyrics are also strangely relatable right now, addressing loneliness like 2020 was made for it.

Just by yourself everyday
And you never wanted
And you never wanted
You never want it that way

Take the simplistic nature of the lyrics as you will, but we’re totally here for the vibes of the track. Thank you, Wwoman.

Meredith Schneider