I don’t know how it happens, but every month I am more and more impressed by the talent that ends up in my inbox. In fact, since I’ve been largely holed up in the apartment since March, I look forward to diving into said inbox more often and even scrolling through Spotify to find new sounds. With the lack of chatter around me, less driving music, and experiencing new music by happenstance in everyday situations, it has been easier to really curate my environment and create an ambiance. And it feels like all of the new music coming out is insightful, artful, and speaks to my soul.

This month, our soundtrack is stacked. And don’t expect that to slow down. Hunker down for newbies from Lotus, Madison Olds, Baker Grace, KNIFEY, Dream Nails, Kaisha, Digital Monx, Racquel Jones, Koe Wetzel, Gold May, Gabrielle Current, HARLOE, and more!

Check back all month long for some of the most random and gorgeous new music selections you’ve ever heard!

Meredith Schneider