Rapper ToBy is back with his new six track EP, THE OUTSIDE. ToBy incorporates daydreamy lo-fi beats mixed with booming trap sounds, similar to the likes of Travis Scott, in this release. He is not afraid to dive into his personal life and create something completely true to his style. He explains, “It achieves unity through specificity … In the hope that my life and my interests resonate with the next artistic soul or creative pundit trapped inside the every-man; yearning to escape, yearning to taste life’s cool breath, yearning to finally go outside.”

Inspired by Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids”, “Osiris” dives straight into the EP and ToBy’s style.

With a natural soundscape, the rapper’s flow fits perfectly and complements the different sounds. The track chronicles the mythic tale of betrayal and murder of the Egyptian god at the hand of his own brother. Meanwhile, his track “New Car” deals with freedom and yearning. The flow is more relaxed here, where his voice floats through the song. In an attempt to escape monotony, he comes out strong with the productions and vocals in this track.

Coming from dangerous upbringings can be a struggle, but if you do take on success, there is a psychological toll it can have. “Southside” is a think-piece about all of this, tackling issues that typically aren’t covered in music. But, in “Play Out,” ToBy’s single off the EP, he glorifies all things that come with the high life. Whether it is sex or money, he praises the fun lifestyle. With a constant flow and a well-rounded beat, ToBy has a hit on his hands. “Cascades” has a similar sound that you might hear from Rex Orange County, showing his versatility. It feels intimate and poetic, a switch up from some of the other tracks on the EP. Finally, “Wishes” is a solid choice to end the collection. Written and recorded on his 26th birthday, ToBy opens up about death and the fears he has relating to it. When you open up like this, there is nothing anyone can have, but respect for honesty. His thoughts may be in the clouds, but he brought his a-game here.

Blending tranquility, chaos and dystopia, ToBy has created his best collection yet. Dealing with a mix of emotions and other feelings, his tracks contain many different layers. Take a look into his life by giving this album some of your time. Take a walk outdoors.

Leigha Stuiso