Composer and performer Thomas Kozumplik leads a 16-member orchestra in a riveting  performance of instrumental artistry with his latest project, Child of the Earth.
“Mother Nature (la inocencia pérdida)” is quite an attention-grabbing opening — with the cacophony of various bells and drum beats and piano chords that doesn’t quite allow you to figure out where the song is headed —mirroring the beauty and unpredictability of Mother Nature itself. Then it shifts with the use of heavy percussion and ominous vocal work that creates an intense juxtaposition to the first few minutes. As the composition comes to an end, it settles back down, bringing back the playful xylophone, plus some piano chords and vocals that ring with finality.
The next two tracks are the small but sweet filling between the two thick pieces of bread in this orchestral sandwich. “Mysticism (Carillon) resembles a wind chime in its breezy tone. It is the most serene of the tracks, bringing about a certain peace and calm that only chimes can do. “A Journey (baile de los tambores)” goes back to the more chaotic sound of “Mother Nature.” The intense yet catchy drum beats are a mirror opposite to the quiet romance of “Mysticism.”
“Beauty and its Passing (cuando habíamos podido amar)” is quite a triumphant ending to this large-scale orchestra. It is a more subdued work in a way that is more contemplative. For most of the song, the signature heavy percussion is not present, putting piano and marimba at the forefront, as a way of bringing the intensity of the orchestra to a gentle close.
Child of the Earth is an incredible feat. His work and artistry certainly speak for themselves — Kozumplik manages to create something entirely new and interesting, allowing listeners to disappear into a world of magical music.
Be sure to check out the album, and keep up with Kozumplik here.
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