The Fuss, an indie alt band out of Des Moines, Iowa did not disappoint with their new single “Siamese Twin”. This four-man group composed of Matt Nelson, Ben Waldschmitt, Joey Lyons and Dave Palmer is quickly making a name for themselves with their eclectic and energetic sound. Be prepared to feel as if you’re an astronaut floating through outer space with “Siamese Twin”. The eastern tones featured underneath silky smooth lyrics provide for a relaxing, slow-head nodding melody. Good for a drive with friends, chilling on the couch, or blasted over a lake, “Siamese Twin” is a must-have tune for your summer playlist. 

For more great music from The Fuss make sure to check them out here.

**photo by alyssa leicht

Caitlyn Champ

Caitlyn Champ

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