The Blam Blams put a spotlight on behind the scenes magic in their latest single and title track of their upcoming album, “Opening Night”. For their debut album, they have created a concept album exploring the life of Sydney Fabel, a bisexual actor/artist in 1970’s London, stepping onto the stage for the first time both literally and figuratively. The curtain is drawing and there is an inside look into the mind of Fabel with this track. The narrator is nervous, but excited for the show to begin as the opportunity to be heard and seen is finally here. 

“Opening Night” can resonate with anyone who struggles to express themselves and longs to be seen, despite the fears that may come from it. Starting with the muffled voices of the audience and introducing the inner thoughts of Fabel gives a theatrical sound. The song continues to build and grow stronger, not only with the music but with the character and his journey. The Blam Blams, made up of Bradley Owens (lead vocals, piano), Christian Northover (drums), David Estes (guitar, producer) and Rob Stewart (bass), are exploring themes of sexuality, gender, love, and living without a mask with their album Opening Night. This track is only the beginning of an enticing story, an undercurrent of the entirety of the album.

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