The Berries‘ sophomore release — a full-length titled Berryland — is something of a commodity right now, as its focus on guitar riffs and an all-encompassing vibe has us begging for more. Mastermind Matt Berry has created a ten track masterpiece, that effortlessly blends Americana and Brit rock in an interesting and dynamic way. It starts with whirring guitar and an energy all its own with “Makes Me Sick“, adding more twang with “Lowest Form of Life”, and coming in hot with the leisurely, more radio friendly “Fruit“, two of these selections which have amazing 70s-inspired music videos to accompany them.

Continuing at a leisurely, backyard bonfire pace, “Passing Scene” gives us a hard glimpse into our autumnal future, slow motion jumping in leaves comes to mind. “Feral Eyes” revs it up a bit more, while “D.Y.W.I.B.” brings a more ethereal feeling to the piece. “Hell on the Speedway” has a title that would indicate it picks up the pace a little bit, yet it maintains a drawn out and beautiful disposition. “Along the Water” is delicate and incredible, while “Pedestal” provides a little more attitude. They round out the album with “Heavy Rain”, a track that will take you back in time right alongside some of rock’s greats (i.e. Jimi Hendrix). We’re big fans, and will most likely keep that track on repeat for quite some time.

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