Rock collective Teleportal – comprised of Johnny Rossa (Vocals), Beth Liebling (Vocals and Bass), James Bourland (Guitar), and Ric Peterson (Drums) – just released a theatrical, 11-track album titled Devour that does – if not specifically that – really provide an attitude all its own. While the instrumentals of “Space Bone” introduce the collection with a dark soundscape, it lightens with the layering of new instrumentals and lighter vocals. Eventually a wailing note makes this song into what it is, and we’re transported back in time while also being pushed significantly into the future. “The Plague” has an undeniably frantic feel to its sound, energizing in its disposition, while “Disaster” evens out the tempo a bit for a more traditional rock sound. “Mansions” slows it down to that psych rock soundscape, giving us whirring guitar parts we didn’t even realize we were craving until now.

“The Organizer” dips back into classic rock, a little more of a ballad. We’re pleased with the way it pulls Rossa’s vocals to the forefront, providing this heartbreaking feeling we wouldn’t otherwise get from a different set of pipes. “Slither on the Ceiling” brings with it a funky feeling, the vocals rough and enticing. “Velvet Math” definitely feels more technical, with computerized sounds throughout and an otherworldly vocal presentation. While “Pull the Trigger” has a title that might feel a little more morbid than its predecessors, the crashing cymbals and punk rock feel make it fit right on in with several genres, including garage, punk, and classic rock.

“Ruins” slows everything down as an instrumental track driven by a classic drumbeat, while “Eel” does seem to exist in a watery, psychedelic soundscape. (The intentionality behind the undertones of the songs and their title pairings is almost poetic in itself, don’t get us started here.) “Gamma Dust” is quite possibly the perfect ending to this collection, as from beginning to end you feel an eery connectedness to the scattered percussion, haunting vocals, and layers of sound. Soothing, chaotic, intense.

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Meredith Schneider

Meredith Schneider

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