between friends, we just need some time together

between friends, we just need some time together

BETWEEN FRIENDS’ latest EP is, to put it simply, good pop music. we just need some time together is the product of brother/sister duo Savannah and Brandon Hudson, along with drummer Brennan Benko. Together, they capture the essence of LA youth and the ability to view their art through the lens of dreamy, carefree pop songs.

The EP is a slice of the colorful contemporary fantasy, and everything about it, from the song titles to the floral album art to the absence of capital letters, screams cool. Tracks like “iloveyou” and “better friends” are dangerously catchy would fit seamlessly in the world of today’s top 40, with its distinct synthesized production. Each song comes with its own electric beat and memorable hooks, but there are also more emotionally compelling, relatable moments. One of the things that stood out to me was a lyric that is repeated throughout “affection:”

“I’m laying on the floor, we’re drinking ‘cause we’re bored.”

These words, paired with quiet harmonies and a tripped out guitar riff, created such an atmospheric sound that made this my favorite track. Ultimately, the EP ends with “blushing!” and the presence of a reassurance in the form of romantic lyrics:

“I see you, we watch stars on the pavement,
I kinda like your face.”

we just need some time together is the perfect summer record, capturing the feeling of being young, in love, and completely and utterly carefree.

Listen to the EP here, and keep up with the band here.