tbt: best viral videos of 2012

tbt: best viral videos of 2012

When I was doing freelance work for a company in New York City from my home in Kansas City, we started doing more list and humorous pieces for their content department. AKA, I tried to get more people to go to their site. They were clearly news-based and I think my writing was some of the only comedy on the site, save for one podcast a week. It was really sad, and my ideas became almost desperate to bring them into this century.

Good news! They approved “Best Viral Videos of 2012.” Since I’m guessing none of you saw it, I’m going to post it here as my Throwback Thursday. It will make you laugh. And probably reminisce. So enjoy these videos and my little blurbs about them!

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2012: A year of ups and downs. Intense elections (though, compared to now…), more comedy television to love, Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan (how often can a young girl be arrested?). It’s a miracle that the viewing public had any time to get acquainted with their computers! But, as it is, we have compiled a list of the Best Viral Videos of 2012—otherwise known as the best things we saw while we were supposed to be working or paying attention in a lecture.

  1. Please Move the Deer Crossing
    A woman with bad luck thinks that deer crossing signs are the culprit. We can’t tell if she’s for real or not. And we don’t care. This is hilarious.
  2. Arrested Drunk Guys Singing Bohemian Rhapsody
    Posted to YouTube and then subsequently to College Humor in March, this video of a drunk guy singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” is like the grown-up version of “David After Dentist”. And we’re obsessed.
  1. Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends
    GLBT rights have been a hot topic for years, so people across America were tickled—and some were enraged—to see the video that several homosexual men posted to College Humor, telling straight men that if they didn’t want gay men to marry other gay men they would simply marry straight women. To which straight men responded, lesbians responded and then, finally, straight women responded.
  2. Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown
    Kristen Bell is stunningly gorgeous. Her hair is shiny and full, her voice is like wind chimes, and her face is so symmetrical she looks like a Barbie. And now we know her kryptonite: sloths.
  3. Olympic Athletes Do “Call Me Maybe”
    “Call Me Maybe” had so many re-makes and cover videos made that it kind of made our heads explode. But we did very much enjoy this version. Maybe because it shows us that Olympic athletes are just like everyone else.
  4. The Cat Is Planning Something Evil
    Isn’t it like a law now to include cats in everything? (But also, WHAT?! (Catcopter))
  5. “Call Your Girlfriend” SNL
    Who knew Taran Killam would kill it with his dance moves? And we watched it over and over and over. We also kind of love his rendition of Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 commercial.
  6. Caine’s Arcade
    In April, “Caine’s Arcade” was uploaded to YouTube. The story of a boy with an imagination the size of Texas is already incredible, but the way the internet made his dreams come true is extraordinary. This can be our “feel good” video of the year.
  7. “Gangnam Style”
    “Gangnam Style” has almost 1 billion views. We don’t think an explanation is necessary.
  8. News Blooper
    And finally, this gem. Because apparently we all have dirty minds.