the bowmans release genre-defying “the crazing of polymers”

the bowmans release genre-defying “the crazing of polymers”

“The Crazing of Polymers” is the newest single from twin sisters Claire and Sarah Bowman. The two recently reunited after quarantining in two different countries for the past year. The Bowmans continued to write and record from their respective homes, building an album that is due to come out this fall.  In the meantime, we are fortunate to get “The Crazing of Polymers”.

The lyrics in “The Crazing of Polymers” seem to suggest the existence of an ordinary life in which we can all relate, a life that ebbs and flows through the good and bad. The two choruses, while sounding alike, follow a timeline of a life spent together:

Chorus 1:
I don’t know if it matters, how we got here anyway,
I don’t think it makes a difference, if the kids played well today.

Chorus 2:
I don’t know if it matters, how we fought again today
I don’t think it makes a difference, how many cracks are patched up through our little earthquakes.

Claire Bowman opened up about the song title:

Crazing is a process where you take something porous and delicate and make it strong and solid (and attractive), like the way we harden from the layers of pain life dishes out daily. One of my favorite lyrics is, “there’s only so many little breaks a heart can take.” This would seem to imply that these fissures would lead to heartbreak, but instead, her response to them is to accept these as part of life, staying rooted in the good that comes along with the difficult.

The Bowman’s vocals, however, are what really tell the story. Their voices harmonize, seemingly effortlessly, and run the gamut from simple to soaring in phrasing. “The Crazing of Polymers” defies genre – The Bowman’s have created a song that is both lively in its’ tempo and aching in some of the vocals.

The sisters had toured extensively throughout the United States and internationally from 2005 – 2011. By 2013, they had released four full-length albums. 

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“The Crazing of Polymers” is out July 9th.