the veronicas, “biting my tongue”

the veronicas, “biting my tongue”

A certain crowd grew up with the sultry, badass sounds of The Veronicas as the backdrop to their adolescent years. I happen to be a certain member of that certain crowd, and my love for the duo was amplified both by the fact that they are twins (Ahem! Twins need more fun representation in popular culture!), and they are the nieces of The Proclaimers. (Yo, if you’re a child of the nineties or before, you know they are also a badass set of musician twins.)

As someone who has been following them for a while, I was overjoyed at the release of their new, cinematic music video. The best news about it? It just so happens to be their directorial debut, and it is, without question, a masterpiece.

A soft, pastel overlay. Both twins starring in a grimy, beautiful, honest piece about love and violence in a small town. Surrounded by chaos, they find their people. But will love get them through jealous peaks and intense moments?

The song itself is perfect to dance to, infectious in both its upbeat soundscape and the way it makes you move your hips immediately. Add the twins’ sticky sweet vocals and dark, intense attitudes, and you just cannot go wrong.

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