the habits, “calling me up”

the habits, “calling me up”

Los Angeles-based alt-indie trio The Habits – comprised of Wolf Bradley, Chance Famighetti, and Andrew Macatrao – has been attracting a pretty solid fanbase since just last year, when they released their debut single “Feeling It”. Their new track – “Calling Me Up” – is just as catchy and beautiful as its predecessors, and we have the exclusive premiere of its accompanying music video, which just so happens to be their first ever as well.

Clear, precise visuals. This video encapsulates the trio’s live performances tactics, while allowing them to partake in a short film-like storyline, singing to a romantic interest over the phone. Relatable, intense emotions are thrown into a bubbly soundscape, making the true hurt delivered in the song a little less painful. The guys make sure to throw in a little humor toward the end, and now we kind of want to get sushi with them.

Explains the band:

We wanted our first music video to be simple and reminiscent of the types of videos we grew up on. It was inevitable the video would end in heart break, but the back and forth was all improvised. I’ve never had so much fun singing into a phone hanging from the ceiling or getting rejected on camera. Honestly, at some point it’s a little much to keep calling and singing to the same person. Get the hint.

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