stephen clair, “fixing to fly”

stephen clair, “fixing to fly”

by: katy mombourquette

If this were a Friends episode, it would be called “The One With A Chicken.” Stephen Clair’s upcoming single “Fixing to Fly” features strangely cute chicken-related metaphors to describe the complications of romance, supplemented by rustic visuals of a chicken coop in the accompanying video.

Clair is known for his intent singing and literary songwriting, something he channels in the lyrics to “Fixing to Fly” which have a certain poetry to them. But his songs aren’t wispy folk tunes that one often associates with lyrical storytelling, rather they are garage Americana tunes with classic, bluesy sounding guitar, crashing cymbals, and driven walking bass lines. The first few moments of “Fixing to Fly” reveal the song’s whole nature immediately, with the swinging guitar that meanders about on its own for a while before the bass comes in to ground it in the twangy Americana sound. Clair’s voice rings out clear and genuine, like a humble offering to his listeners, subtly asking them to follow along as he sings: “Cooped up in this roost with all these chicks / And the henhouse ain’t a funhouse / When you’re fixing to fly but your wings don’t get you high.” 

If you’re feeling down and just can’t find the right way to express how you feel, give “Fixing to Fly” a shot. The odd metaphors that lie within a chicken’s wings may speak to your soul in ways you have never known before. 

THE SMALL HOURS is out via Rock City Records Sept 18th

photo by: tony cenicola

(sxsw) sofa sessions: a conversation with stephen clair

(sxsw) sofa sessions: a conversation with stephen clair

2020 was the first year Imperfect Fifth was accepted as an official press outlet for SXSW. Though two members of our team have been listed as press in the past — and we have attended and done extensive coverage even when we aren’t listed — this was a huge feat for Imperfect Fifth as a bootstraps music publication. But our reach is larger than we know. We are bringing new music to the forefront as best we can, especially in these times when people are turning to the arts for an escape, or peace of mind.

Though we can’t make things physically better at the moment, we did decide to move forward with our in-person interview format… but from our couches. Elizabeth Schneider — music journalist, writer, and DIY queen — came up with the name, and we’re sticking to it! So relax for a few minutes, and delve into the first episode of our quick-hitting third season of our podcast, The Sofa Sessions.


Stephen Clair is doing everything he can to stay involved in the music community during quarantine. During our first interview of what would have been our SXSW series, he talks Al Franken, social distancing, and Beacon Music Factory!

  • 0:00    Intro
  • 0:25 – Was there a moment or a specific memory when you realized that music was your path?
  • 1:23 – How did songwriting come to fruition?
  • 2:20 – You released “Mad” last December. Was there any specific inspiration behind the sentiment?
  • 3:50 – What are you doing to stay engaged with your community?
  • 5:15 – Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
  • 6:00 – While everyone else is pillaging paper products, what one item would you buy the store out of if given the chance?
  • 6:25 – Anything else you’d like to share?

Keep your eyes on the site for daily podcast releases in the coming weeks!