spooky cool, “black wine”

spooky cool, “black wine”

On Friday, Richmond, VA-based indie pop/rock collective Spooky Cool – comprised of Zac Hryciak, Paula Lavalle, Lee Spratley, Sean Williams, and Zavi Harman – is set to release their debut EP Every Thing Ever. But right now, we have a taste of what’s to come in their single “Black Wine”. Hard hitting from the beginning, the mellifluous vocals don’t hit until about the 57 second mark, evening out the rough, electric feel from the beginning. The singer’s vocal range is enticing in its far-reaching capabilities, making us swoon with each new line of lyrics. The instrumental breakdowns are perfect for jam band fans and mellow listeners alike, and we’re inundated with the good feels. (Despite perhaps, at times, the lyrical content itself.)

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12 best music videos of july 2018 {so far}

12 best music videos of july 2018 {so far}

July 2018 has been a thrilling month for music videos so far. Energetic, beautifully shot, intensely introspective. Our minds are still reeling from June, and yet halfway through this month we’ve already had three to four times the amount of impressive visual representations from musicians around the world. We compiled a quick list of some of our favorite music videos so far this month, and we’re sure you’ll discover a gem or two to add to your playlist for the remainder of your summer shenanigans!

(P.S. There is a video from June in this roundup. And that’s because we do what we want.)

Lyves, “Rest Your Head”

Mac Miller, “Self Care”

Campdogzz, “Run Wild”

Fime, “Hover Hand”

In The Valley Below, “Desperate Dance”

Jack Ellis, “Small Change”

Payson Lewis, “Can’t Go Back”

Vacationer, “Magnetism”

Houndmoth, “Waiting For The Night”

Spooky Cool, “Strange Rooms”

James, “Hank”

Madeline Kenney, “Cut Me Off”