riches of the poor, “behave”

riches of the poor, “behave”

Break up songs are ones that pull on our heart strings, but they usually aren’t about the person taking the responsibility for it all. However, Riches of the Poor take a turn and assume that responsibility in “Behave”. Frontman Miky explains:

This song is a criticism of my handling of a break up. I feel that break up songs are mostly „how could you do this do to me you scum“ but basically here the first person assumes responsibility for being the villain and is feeling sorry about it, but not doing anything about it apart from complaining and feeling sorry for everyone involved, which isn’t helping.

It makes for a dramatic story telling perspective, but it isn’t really improving anything.

We are taken through the streets as we watch him walk around town, reflecting upon the failed relationship. The gloomy, cold day matches the lyrics as the video unravels, giving viewers a look into the dramatic point of view.

“Behave” is the third single off the alt-rockers’ The Long Way Down and sets the tone of heartbreak mixed with joy in their songs.

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