gianni paci, “pine hollow road” {premiere}

gianni paci, “pine hollow road” {premiere}

Fresh off his incredible September 24th show at Pianos, New York’s own solo pop genius Gianni Paci has a new track – and its accompanying video – reading and raring for us. “Pine Hollow Road” is soft, melancholic but sweet, and includes an autumn road trip-ready melody that will keep you infatuated for weeks to come.

The video is beautiful in its simplicity, at times reaching for comedic relief while Gianni sings and plays within the frame of a woman confused and frustrated. It becomes obvious that she doesn’t want him in her dance space, and the comedic relief stands strong, as we’re sure it was hard for Gianni to keep a straight face at times. We’re absolutely smitten with the the work, self-directed and produced by the artist.

Explains Gianni:

I wrote “Pine Hollow Road” about the tension and unrest of being caught up in an abusive relationship. It is an ode to both my old pseudonym, The Pine Hollows  and the street that I grew up on in Oyster Bay, New York. The accompanying video deepens the narrative, as the actor’s emotionally charged performances work in tandem with the dauntlessly plaintive lyrics. In an attempt to acknowledge my own loss of irreproachability, the roles were reversed for the video in the sense that I play the aggressor, while my voice chronicles the actress’s inner dialogue as she seeks her own brand of justice.

Smoked The Wrong Stuff is available now. Keep up with Gianni Paci on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.