payson lewis entertains with cinematic visuals in new video for “hotel suite”

payson lewis entertains with cinematic visuals in new video for “hotel suite”

Payson Lewis just released his newest music video for his song, “Hotel Suite!” The video has a cinematic edge that really makes you feel as if you were transported into a movie. 

Lewis himself played a couple of different characters in the video, which added a sort of comedy factor to it. Whether he was himself or one of the workers at the hotel, his persona throughout the video was absolutely colorful and really added to the movie-esque feel of the video. He played these characters really well and it was very entertaining! A cool aspect of this video was the vintage feel to it. From the layout of the screen to the coloration of the video, it was spot on! 

One of the greatest parts of this video was when they were transported out of the rundown, old, and dirty motel room, to what seemed to be their “perfect vacation.” This scene in the video was attention-grabbing and just so fun. It played with the theme of the song being how upon entering a hotel room, you can be anyone you want to be. 

If you enjoy the video for “Hotel Suite,” check out Payson Lewis on social media, as well as his debut album, Take Me Apart!

Directed by Colin H. Duffy

payson lewis, take me apart

payson lewis, take me apart

Been noodling around the internet, looking for new tunes to tantalize your eardrums for a while on this gorgeous Thursday? Well, you can stop right here and hang out for a while because we’ve got the exclusive streaming premiere of Payson Lewis‘ new EP Take Me Apart. Lewis – a musician hailing from Philadelphia and residing in Los Angeles – brings his fresh, invigorating vocals to upbeat, pop instrumentals in six gorgeous tracks laid out before us on this EP. And though “Take Me Apart” and “Can’t Go Back” exist as slower, more practiced ballads, we see no reason for this to not be a go-to set for next year’s festival season.

Explains Lewis:

Take Me Apart is like a wild ride down my pop-nostalgia super highway. When I was writing and making this record, I loved following every stylistic twist and turn and seeing where it took me. It was so fun not to get pigeonholed into one specific sound, but instead letting the energy and authenticity be the cohesive thread that leads you through the record’s narrative. It’s definitely an EP that was meant to be played down from top to bottom. You know, just like a road-trip adventure, you just gotta fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

So, why not?


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12 best music videos of july 2018 {so far}

12 best music videos of july 2018 {so far}

July 2018 has been a thrilling month for music videos so far. Energetic, beautifully shot, intensely introspective. Our minds are still reeling from June, and yet halfway through this month we’ve already had three to four times the amount of impressive visual representations from musicians around the world. We compiled a quick list of some of our favorite music videos so far this month, and we’re sure you’ll discover a gem or two to add to your playlist for the remainder of your summer shenanigans!

(P.S. There is a video from June in this roundup. And that’s because we do what we want.)

Lyves, “Rest Your Head”

Mac Miller, “Self Care”

Campdogzz, “Run Wild”

Fime, “Hover Hand”

In The Valley Below, “Desperate Dance”

Jack Ellis, “Small Change”

Payson Lewis, “Can’t Go Back”

Vacationer, “Magnetism”

Houndmoth, “Waiting For The Night”

Spooky Cool, “Strange Rooms”

James, “Hank”

Madeline Kenney, “Cut Me Off”

payson lewis, “when love was young”

payson lewis, “when love was young”

Payson Lewis just released the video for his latest single “When Love Was Young”.  The video opens up to beach with a beautiful sunset, then cuts to Payson singing and playing piano in the living room. We then see Payson walking on the beach with a girl holding hands.  “So you go go go back, when you love somebody— you let them get away, get away, but what’s done is never done,”  sings Payson on “the one that got away.”

The video is touching, with the scenes of the beach and a happy couple reunited.  The video for “When Love Was Young” is an acoustic version which gives us a glimpse at Payson Lewis’ talents which include his amazing and bone-chilling vocals and his ability to beautifully handle a piano.  The video to “When Love Was Young” had me tearing up and I hope you find it equally as sweet!

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payson lewis, “when love was young”

payson lewis, “when love was young”

Who hasn’t wished to go back to the early days of a love?
Philly’s own Payson Lewis, now LA-based, is gearing up to release his single, “When Love Was Young” on March 9. Lewis was previously acclaimed for his Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Zayn Malik covers/mashups, landing him features on Mashable, Huffington Post and even Perez Hilton. Now, has his own music to put out. Having covered big pop stars, Lewis knows what works and now, utilizing this knowledge in the best way through his new release. “When Love Was Young” reminisces fondly on a past relationship along a perfect pop soundscape. Featuring Payson’s confident vocals and a catchy beat, “When Love Was Young” is a bop you’ve been needing to hear and didn’t even know it.

You’re gonna want to check out “When Love Was Young” today.

Check out Payson Lewis’ cover of “Out of The Woods,” with Rumer Willis and his mashup of Rihanna’s “Work” and Zayn’s “Pillow Talk“.

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