mey, “spiky love”

mey, “spiky love”

Darkness, waves of bass and intense drums, and mysterious sounds lace the ominous single from Mey titled “Spiky Love”. This is the first single off of the upcoming EP With the Lights Off, and to say it sets the tone is an understatement. The song, and its accompanying music video, embodies a special kind of darkness that has both pop and rock influences. The rage and angst expressed by Mey in the lyrics are further supported by what almost seems like drums and  heartbeat rhythm. I personally found the plucking of the guitar both sonically pleasing and unique to the landscape of the track.

Says Mey of the video:

Spiky Love » is about desire. It is about the most common human tension : between need and desire. And about having a strong desire for something that you know is wrong for you and destructive. Still, being aware of it and pointing out this paradox, while accepting it. In this song I’m trying to explore my own destructive impulsions, to let them out, and to make something beautiful out of it.
Leonard Heliot and I worked on the video for « Spiky Love » with the artwork of the EP as the starting point.
The idea (and challenge!) was to keep it all in the dark, while creating a sense of intimacy. We wanted to suggest rather than expose, and keep the dark, unhealthy atmosphere of the song as well.

Mey seems to have a lot up her sleeve for this EP, and if “Spiky Love” is any indication of what is to come, then we should all be on the edge of our seats in anticipation for the rest. You can check out Mey on her socials posted below.