marian hill, “take a number”

marian hill, “take a number”

Philadelphia duo Marian Hill returns with a new single that’s as seductive as it is sinister. “Take A Number” is marked by blasting bass, intermittent trap beats, and electronic elements; its strategically sparse musicality contrasting vocalist Samantha Gongol’s haunting near-whispers.

The lyrics of “Take A Number” are tempting, teasing, and smug; not unlike a predator confident in its success before even making a move. Gongol applies pressure to her subject: “I think I know what you’re thinking, how is it you look so fine? / In this room we keep shrinking, closing in while I take my time.” One line that aggregates the elements of curiosity, indifference, and an insatiable hunger found in Take A Number” recurs with each chorus: “You taste like a chance that I just might take.”

We know Gongol’s crisp vocals well, from past Marian Hill classics like “Down” and “One Time”, and they launch in the first second of the song without delay. The feature from fresh-faced, alt-R&B artist Dounia early on in this new track provides a satisfying shift in pace and texture; as she raps in an airy flutter that is no less insistent: “You got moves, you got bags, you got shit you gotta do / He’s a moment at the most, he’s not something to pursue.”

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32 favorite music videos of august 2018 (so far)

32 favorite music videos of august 2018 (so far)

I’m not sure if the amount of music video submissions in my inbox is due to an increase in creativity during the summer months, or if I’ve just had my head in the ground previously when it comes to music videos, but each one I see seems to be better and better. So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite videos of August 2018 (SO FAR), and we’re not just sticking to one genre here, folks. Try on a new jam from Dead Naked Hippies, hit up the nostalgic feels of Princess Chelsea‘s new video for “Wasting Time”, or let Lennon Stella regale you with her unheard of talents. Either way, this list is a doozy and we cannot wait for more to share at the end of the month!

Dead Naked Hippies, “Drain You”

J Hart, “Put It To Bed”

Ayo & Teo ft. Lil Yachty, “Ay3”

Rachel Eckroth, “Call My Name”

M1nk, “The Far Side”

Princess Chelsea, “Wasting Time”

Guts Club, “Trench Foot”

Givers, “Movin’ On” (live)

Searmanas, “Undo”

No Small Children, “I’m So Concerned”

Foxhole, “Noble Scales”

Kings of Spade, “Way She Goes”

Lennon Stella, “Like Everybody Else”

Late Night Episode, Lay Off!

Jade Bird, “Uh Huh”

Sextile, “Paradox”

Dvsn, “Morning After”

Anna von Hausswolff, “The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra” (live)

Falcon Jane, “Ginger Ale”

RAY BLK, “Run Run”

Darren Jessee, “All But A Dream”

Laura Jean Anderson, “Love You Most”

Mammoth Indigo, “Undertow”

Minke, “Maybe 25”

IAN SWEET, “Hiding”

Rageouz, “Bridging”

Bealu, “Breath” (ft. Sophie Lindinger)

The RPMs, “Gotta Let Go”

Cautious Clay, “Call Me” (Stripped)

Marian Hill, “Wish You Were Here”

The Fox & The Hounds, “House of Leaves”

CROW, “For The Weekend”