lower power, “all about me”

lower power, “all about me”

Politically charged music is still prominent in rock and roll, and New York band Lower Power ride its wave in new album One Planet at a Time. The album collectively addresses issues impacting our society like the increasing gun violence, mental health, war, inequality, and much more. 

The lead track “All About Me” has a main focus on narcissism that affects our society. This track kicks down the door and introduces listeners to the impact Lower Power is trying to create.  

The video for “All About Me” are clips of money being transformed into different shapes, and being warped through snapchat filters. As well as home video using similar snapchat filters. The idea here is capturing through silly filters, obscuring the view of normal, with a very “me-centered” persona. The narcissistic tendencies being pointed out in the song and the video go beyond everyday people, but the economy and government themselves. 

This in-your-face, pay attention, mentality One Planet at a Time has makes listeners think about these heavy topics. It forces listeners to face these hard-hitting issues, charging them up. 

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