david thomas jones | mildly spooky

david thomas jones | mildly spooky

This is a ‘mildly spooky’ playlist, because it’s Halloween time as I’m writing this and I’m feeling festive. Nothing obvious or overtly goth or doomy, for the most part, just songs that have a tint of dark/weird vibes. Good to listen to while decorating your Halloween Tree.

1. The Words That Maketh Murder – PJ Harvey
(Because she’s awesome and it’s clever how she references ‘Summertime Blues’ while describing the horrors of war.)

2. So Alive – Love and Rockets
(One of my favorite songs. Awesome backing vocals.)

3. Penetration – The Stooges
(More rock songs need to utilize a celesta. Or not.)

4. Fool – Nadine Shah
(I listened to this song on repeat for a month. Such a cool vibe and perfectly made.)

5. In Madonna’s Gazebo – Circus Devils
(When I can’t take time out of my day to have an uncomfortable acid trip, I listen to Circus Devils.)

6. Vomiting Mirrors – Clockcleaner
(I can’t really make out what he’s singing. Probably on account of the mirrors he’s vomiting.)

7. Jimmy, Renda-Se – Tom Zé
(Making this song fit the theme might be a stretch. I just love it and want to include it.)

8. Carnival of Souls – Combustible Edison
(Exactly what you’d expect to hear at a carnival of souls.)

9. Mass Dream – TV Ghost
(I found this song on a music blog once and it stuck with me like a bad dream.)

10. Call Across Rooms – Grouper
(Liz Harris is an amazing musician and artist. I want to live in this house in which rooms are being called across.)

11. Cut-Out Witch – Guided by Voices
(Guides by Voices is one of my favorite bands, so they must be included.)

12. Drugs – Talking Heads
(There’s a strong possibility that this song is about drugs.)

13. Ugly – Love and Rockets
(Spooky, mildly.)

14. Shrivel-Up – Devo
(I’ve always wanted to cover this song but I think I need to get an Energy Dome first.)

15. Sunday – David Bowie
(What a dude. Heathen is probably my favorite album of his.)

16. Fall Breaks And Back To Winter – The Beach Boys
(What the hell?)

17. Hi I’m Martha, How are you? – Circus Devils
(My third Bob Pollard song on this list. I have problems, but so does Martha.)

18. The Twilight Zone – The Ventures
(Because we are living in the Twilight Zone.)

19. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
(I want to sing this song at karaoke but it’s hard to come by.)

20. Glazed Eye – Girls Against Boys
(Sweet dreams.)


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