lina tullgren, free cell

lina tullgren, free cell

From the very first, slow chords of the title track, to the final, crawling notes of twelfth song “Piano”, artful indie pop artist Lina Tullgren‘s new album Free Cell takes you on a steady, beautiful sonic journey that you will not regret being a part of. Songs like “110717”, “Bad At Parties”, and “Wow, Lucky” are introspective, slightly more specific in their disposition but still highly relatable.

And perhaps that’s most of Tullgren’s pull. Since the first time we heard her quirky, ethereal vocals, we’ve felt well-placed bits of emotion tugging at our heartstrings in every one of her tracks. Free Cell is no different. Relating to your artist is key to identifying with a song sometimes, though Tullgren leaves little room – if any – to mistake these feelings as something else.

Pop this bad boy on and play it behind your next picnic, patio party, road trip, or while you’re cooking. Let yourself be at peace with this music. It’s totally worth it.

P.S. When you do listen to “Wow, Lucky”, please then be inspired to use tarot cards, but don’t ask them to tell you your fortune? The future is up to you, baby!

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