a conversation with nate sirotta

a conversation with nate sirotta

Today, we sit down with Nate Sirotta. He is the founder of – and digital publicist at – Impulse Artists, a boutique digital marketing and publicity agency based in Portland and Los Angeles. Since he lives in the Pacific Northwest, I tried to talk Sasquatch. But it was more fun catching up and delving into his work, to be honest.

0:00    Intro
0:11     EZVisibility.com

0:22    Dbl-take.com

0:33    imperfectfifth.com/merch

1:10 Nate Sirotta intro – Impulse Artists 

1:49 Kid Bloom

2:15 The Dumes

2:39 Yip Deceiver

4:12 Huey Lewis & The News
5:36 Warped Tour
12:14 Portland
23:25 Sasquatch
26:02 Flying saucers

kid bloom, “sugarcoat”

kid bloom, “sugarcoat”

If you’re in the mood for a leisurely, inspired track in your life, we’re not going to sugarcoat it. Kid Bloom‘s new track “Sugarcoat” is exactly what the doctor ordered. Hailing from Studio City, California, the band’s fresh sound is just what we ordered for the new year, and this song could – quite possibly – be your new favorite. With luscious, full vocals and a beat that keeps your toes tapping, “Sugarcoat” is definitely our new go-to track, and Kid Bloom is one to watch.

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