goon encourages outdoor play in new music video for “fruiting body”

goon encourages outdoor play in new music video for “fruiting body”

The micro-dosing community isn’t the only group of people that are currently into the wonders of mushrooms. Los Angeles-based indie outfit GOON – expertly comprised of Any Polito, Dillon Peralta, Tamra Simons, and Kenny Becker – have been intricately evolving their sound for years. But mushrooms seem to have aided in the organic (pun intended) development of their new music. Expands Kenny:

The inspiration for this track came from a long walk I took on a rainy gray day in November 2021. During that time I would often walk along the path that follows a waterway which feeds into the LA river. Passing a patch of mushrooms gave me the idea to title the song “Fruiting Body.” The term refers to the spore-producing structure of fungi.

The song itself makes you feel as though you are safely nestled in a bed of trees, surrounded by infinite light. The video – directed and edited by Kenny – mimics this exact feeling. We’re just fans of watching each band member experience pure joy over the course of the video. It’s a snapshot of nature that wholeheartedly encourages play, with the creepy repetition of the line “blood red” dancing in the background.

This song, this video… absolute perfection.

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