kayls, modern savages

kayls, modern savages

LA-based electro-pop KAYLS inspires with her latest EP Modern Savages. The EP explores a variety of struggles Kayls has faced spanning from relationship woes to her past industry struggles. Her goal with the album is to encourage listeners and invoke strength within them.

Modern Savages perfectly demonstrates Kayls’ new-found confidence after years of feeling underestimated and mistreated throughout her career, specifically by music industry men. The EP’s second track, “Porcelain,” depicts the hardships Kayls faced. Her honesty and authenticity shine in this track as she expresses the trials and tribulations faced early in her career.

“Champagne” explores Kayls’ distaste for the expensive things in life. The soft yet intense piano ballad superbly showcases her raw yet powerful voice. The following track, “Modern Savages,” continues with a similar theme. Kayls flawlessly expresses her concern for human connection through the lyrics “what can you give me that money can’t buy.”

Both “Carousel” and “Summer” explore past relationships making the album relatable and showing listeners yet another side of such a multi-faceted and complex artist.

Kayls’ Modern Savages EP is supremely cohesive work of art that sends a musically pleasing and powerful message. With its haunting indie pop vocals and electronic, futuristic mix of musical elements, this album creates the perfect indie-pop atmosphere.


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