katrina cain,  “how did we get here?”

katrina cain, “how did we get here?”

Listeners were first introduced to pop artist Katrina Cain on NBC’s The Voice, now she is dropping another single, “How Did We Get Here?”, inspiring others to stay true to themselves.

“How Did We Get Here?” narrates the authentic journey of Cain as an artist and a person, showing the complexity of what it means to be in women in music.

Cain combines her raw folk-like voice with dreamy sounds creating what she describes as “melancholy-pop”. Her music style tends to fall and swing between landscapes of soul breaking ballads and pop anthems. “How Did We Get Here” is a power pop anthem that encourages and promotes the idea of staying authentic to yourself despite the pressures of the outside world.

Cain’s storytelling through music is raw, honest, and empowering, encompassing the human experience in both a heartbreaking and true sense.

katrina cain, “forgive me in the morning”

katrina cain, “forgive me in the morning”

Katrina Cain, former contestant of NBC’s The Voice, has recently released her latest single “Forgive Me in the Morning”. The track highlights the intensity of conflicting emotions after fighting with someone you love. The song consoles while simultaneously encouraging forgiveness and discovering the meaning behind how you feel. The point is really driven home by the fact that Cain worked on the song with her husband, Andrew McMillian, who produced the track. This one doesn’t hold back, giving a gritty and realistic view to the ever-turning rollercoaster that is love. She manages to knock down the walls that are built over time by past hurt and reminds us of the power of forgiveness.

“Forgive Me in the Morning” is beautifully haunting. A stunning compilation of vocoder and electronic layers settle and then swirl around Cain’s stunning voice, which manages to be both airy and grounding. The song is a twilight hour synth-soaked haven of reflection and forgiveness, and Cain guides listeners through that dimension masterfully.

“Forgive Me in the Morning” is out everywhere now.