sydney wright | pre-playlists playlist

sydney wright | pre-playlists playlist

Do you remember consuming music before digital distribution? 

For me, the only music I knew came from physical albums/cds, local radio, or someone literally playing it in front of me. 

I was 10 when file-sharing services like Napster hit the scene and busted our ear bubbles. It changed the game, right? We suddenly didn’t have to stick to eating whatever was just lying around. We could dig in and try something different, even jump in the kitchen ourselves to practice cooking up music in our own way and serve up with the rest. 

I can’t decide if we’ve traded limitations for option-overload. Regardless, it’s hard to imagine what kind of music I’d be making without unlimited access to music outside of my physical reach. 

I like pretending. 

So, for this playlist, I played like there was no internet. I mulled over which music I would or wouldn’t know in a world without web and included it. 

It’s full of music in my proximity: my parents albums, cds that flew in my face when I flipped down the visor mirror, records my English teacher gave me in high school, live performances; artists I’ve made music with, run sound for, met on tour, and my friends. 

It’s much of what I’ve listened to and been influenced by during years of writing and releasing my first solo album, ‘Seiche’. – which is drippity-dropping on Friday, November 9, onto the invaluable internet near you:)

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