payson lewis, take me apart

payson lewis, take me apart

Been noodling around the internet, looking for new tunes to tantalize your eardrums for a while on this gorgeous Thursday? Well, you can stop right here and hang out for a while because we’ve got the exclusive streaming premiere of Payson Lewis‘ new EP Take Me Apart. Lewis – a musician hailing from Philadelphia and residing in Los Angeles – brings his fresh, invigorating vocals to upbeat, pop instrumentals in six gorgeous tracks laid out before us on this EP. And though “Take Me Apart” and “Can’t Go Back” exist as slower, more practiced ballads, we see no reason for this to not be a go-to set for next year’s festival season.

Explains Lewis:

Take Me Apart is like a wild ride down my pop-nostalgia super highway. When I was writing and making this record, I loved following every stylistic twist and turn and seeing where it took me. It was so fun not to get pigeonholed into one specific sound, but instead letting the energy and authenticity be the cohesive thread that leads you through the record’s narrative. It’s definitely an EP that was meant to be played down from top to bottom. You know, just like a road-trip adventure, you just gotta fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

So, why not?


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