cream with a k | songs i listen to

cream with a k | songs i listen to

When I made a list of my favorite songs, I realized that all the songs chosen had deeply influenced me in one way or another. To be honest, it was my first time creating a compilation playlist. The process was quite enjoyable and enlightening.

All of these artists are unique, expressive, innovative and have made a lasting impact on me. Although exposing my roots leaves me feeling a bit naked… I hope you can enjoy these songs as much as I have!

At the end of the day, I still think of myself as just a music lover and mega geek.

Pavement – Mellow Jazz docent
The Breeders – Off You
The Cardigans – Starter
Portishead – Sour times
Aimee Mann – Red Vines
Beck – Pay no mind
Pixies – Hey
Smashing pumpkins – Hummer
Mannequin Pussy – Romantic
Autolux – Here comes everybody
Sonic Youth – Becuz
Garbage – Queer
Nirvana – Sliver
Red hot chili pepper – Warm Tape
Cornelius – New Music Machine
Ks choice – I smoke a lot
Dinosaur Jr – In a Jar

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Photography: Kenta Karima
Styling: Yuuki Sakamoto/Shop Yaiya
Hair & Make up: Rina Taniguchi
dinosaur jr, “it’s going down”

dinosaur jr, “it’s going down”

From the famous Blue Room in Nashville comes Dinosaur Jr. with a fresh take on their single “It’s Goin’ Down”. The performer has teamed up with Third Man Records for Blue Room Session 7, and we’ve got it. The new take on the song is a live version of the original song. The lyrics for the song are sung over a guitar while drums and bass follow in the background. The live version is just as great as the original, making the listener feel like they are actually in the bands presence to make the listener feel like they are at a live concert.

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