deify, “outta my league”

deify, “outta my league”

For fans of AC/DC, Shinedown, Green Day.

Get ready to have your speakers blown out – Deify’s electrifying rock ballad “Outta My League” is meant to be played at full volume, preferably while flooring it down a deserted highway. Deify, borne out of Seattle and comprised of brothers Duncan and Jared Byargeon, draw influence from 80’s stadium rock classics such as AC/DC, most notably in bluesy chord progressions and compressed drum fills. Blasting through fervent guitar solos and a snare that refuses to quit, this track is friend to headbangers and country-rockers alike.

While its gritty, boot-stomping vigor may seem well suited for your local dive, lyrically, the song is textbook pop. The chorus professes: “You’re the one…that I need, you’re the only person for me, here’s my heart, take the key”. The second half of the song brings with it a much-appreciated rattle of dynamic, as a wailing guitar solo increases in intensity before giving way into a mathy drum fill, before sending off into one final chorus.

Explains Duncan of the track:

Outta My League is a sonic mashup of our love for AC/DC and ZZ Ward. In college, I was going out with a woman that my friends dubbed way out of my league – and they liked to remind me as much as possible. As much fun as the jokes were, that’s something that really began to eat at me, and that insecurity certainly impacted the relationships for the worse.

This song explores the back-and-forth in my head, as I was head-over-heels for this woman, but “knew” deep down that I wasn’t good enough for her. Letting doubt into any relationship is the ultimate killer – and I knew once I felt this way it wasn’t going to last. However, I also couldn’t bear the thought of being the one to end it. So, this song is about the elation of the pursuit, while knowing the relationship was doomed from the start.

This single is the group’s newest work since their latest EP, five track compilation titled So Far Away. Deify will be touring through the West Coast Starting in August, beginning in Seattle.

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