daisybones, gold

daisybones, gold

With baited breath we’ve awaited the arrival of indie rock collective Daisybones‘ 10-track album Gold. The Boston quartet has really provided us with the energy shot we’ve been needing, from the very first chords of the title track, through slightly slower – but just as otherworldly rock as its predecessor – “Choke”, and into “Drag”, which slows down exponentially but doesn’t quite drag, if you as us. (We’re full of jokes today.)

Daisybones performs with a hint of 60s British punk woven into lead singer Dillon Bailey’s vocals. This is especially evident in “Bang”, though “Crush” follows suit perfectly. “Beautymark” might be our favorite of the collection, the tempo changes alluring and the crashing cymbals providing a soundscape that we can both veg out AND dance our asses off to. Many fans might like “Daiquiri” for its tropical vibe, providing us an escape from our (now) snowy landscapes.

“Score” is the obvious head-bopper, frantic and staccato in its existence. If you’re looking for a slower rock track to nerd out over, “Heave” is your particular brand of ear candy, though last track “Lemondrop” might sound as such. “Lemondrop” is actually the perfect way to end the album, slowing everything down exponentially and providing an almost rock ballad-like atmosphere that will lord over you for the rest of the day.

And that’s not a bad thing.

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