blake english, spiders make great poets

blake english, spiders make great poets

Did you happen to know that Spiders Make Great Poets? That’s the truth, at least, that Blake English will stick to when asked, since that also happens to be the title of his new 5-track EP. Beginning with an otherworldly soundscape, “Sad Girls Dance Party” bursts into an honest yet fun, high energy space worthy of Warped Tour. Maintaining a similar pace doesn’t seem to be difficult for English, as second track “This Is the End” builds to quite an impressive and catchy chorus as well.

It is only with “The Neighbors” that the release slows down, back to the power punk ballad life we will absolutely come to expect from English. But it’s only the first few seconds that allow this sonic reprieve, as everything revs up before we even hit the 45 second mark. If ever there were a physical representation of the Energizer bunny – especially mid-pandemic – we would go ahead and give that honor to English. But don’t mind that assessment, as we are speaking of tourniquets very early on in “A Ghost I Knew from Yesterday,” a track that comes in to remind us that we are hanging out in the emo genre. This, this is the ballad we thought we were getting previously. This is the song we needed to prepare for post-pandemic karaoke nights.

But let’s not get ruffled, thinking the EP will end with no attitude. We jump right into “United States of Depression,” a very sharp commentary on current times. A very open and vulnerable song might lean to the dark a little more than anticipated, but it’s honest. And honesty is what we’ve all been craving.

So revel in it. Then do it again. And let us know which track is your favorite!

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