g flip, about us

g flip, about us

On Friday, indie pop powerhouse G Flip released the highly anticipated debut full-length About Us. From the first seductive lines of “Lover” to the last winding, beautiful chords of “2 Million”, this album is packed to the brim with ambient sounds that will help you transition into the autumn months with ease. “I Am Not Afraid” could stand the test of time as, lyrically, it is comforting in a relatable – and, at times, melancholic – way. Lines like “And I’ve cried/I am not afraid to do this alone/I know that it scares you but I am my own home” establish G Flip’s independence as she shatters expectations around relationships, encapsulating a special type of vulnerability for the listeners.

The first time we had the pleasure of witnessing G Flip do her thing was at SXSW 2018, and we had the divine pleasure to see an encore performance the very next day. From just those two appearances – which marked her first, officially, in the US – we were captivated by her stage presence, enlightened by her musical talents. To say that we have been excited about this release for quite some time would be an understatement, and I have to admit that the completed work completely eclipsed our high hopes. “Drink Too Much” was one of those initial songs we had the pleasure of peeping, and are so thrilled that it made it onto this work. This track is for anyone who has ever mirrored the thought “I just want to get into trouble,” knowing that said trouble has caused them to apologize in the past. It’s that subtle balance of letting go and holding on that G Flip tends to play with lyrically, and this jam defines itself by making the whole topic club-ready. Topically, she follows that part of the journey will, as “Morning” and “Waking Up Tomorrow” both address waking up alone after making a few mistakes. (Could they have been the direct result of a night out like in “Drink Too Much”?)

This musical journey then takes us to the aftermath of relational issues without a complete fallout. Once again, G Flip hits us right in the gut with “Stupid”, one of her more recent singles from this release that really illustrates the push and pull of a relationship through trying times. In line with its predecessors, its introspective nature make it perfect for a nice, breezy night on the patio, however its pace and instrumental makeup could easily have it placed as your go to “dance it out” track — in public or otherwise. Seventh track “Killin’ My Time” is how we initially introduced this talent to our friends and family post-SXSW. Raspy vocals, setting boundaries, and doing it all with an uplifting composition holding it together.

We are completely carried away by ballad “Bring Me Home”, a showstopper if ever there was one. This track leads right into “About You”, another SXSW 2018 staple that has been running circles in our minds ever since. While G Flip struggles emotionally with the aftermath of ultimatums, the pain of a tumultuous relationship is palpable. Meanwhile, she’s still managed to hook us with an enigmatic composition that would keep any human dancing into the wee hours of the morning. The album is wrapped up with a cliffhanger — literally and figuratively — as G Slip addresses the constant change of life, and all of the endings that could be. It prompts the listener to examine the open-endedness of their own lives, and to adjust to accept change. I am thrilled with the sheer attention to detail that G Flip offers in her catalog, and absolutely enamored by the thought put into the entire journey that About Us provides.

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