Ryan Cassata has dived head first into all things art and creation, especially, it seems, since this whole “social distancing” thing started. But the energy around music for Ryan is all the more palpable when you realize that his new album The Witches Made Me Do It just dropped. AND IT’S PHENOMENAL.

  • 0:00    Intro
  • 0:24    Ryan Cassata
  • 1:35    Have you found that this time of social distancing has inspired you more or has it brought more distractions?     
  • 2:40    What’s keeping your head above water right now?
  • 3:57    What music is getting you through?
  • 4:39    While everyone else is pillaging paper products, what one item would you buy the store out of if given the chance?
  • 5:10     What’s your favorite type of Reese’s?
  • 5:17     What can you tell our audience about your album that’s dropping? (Just dropped at time published.)

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