Erik Sanden of Demitasse talks about Skype dates, happy accidents, and missing his writing partner during social distancing. (Hi, Joe Reyes! You’re amazing!)

  • 0:00    Intro
  • 0:24    Erik Sanden (Demitasse)
  • 1:17     This isn’t your first rodeo together. How did you and Joe come up with the idea for this project?   
  • 3:06    Have you found that this time has inspired you more, or has it been more distracting for you?
  • 7:24     Are you and Joe doing OK being separated like this?    
  • 7:56    While everyone else is pillaging paper products, what one item would you buy the store out of if given the chance?
  • 9:04     Is there anything you’d like to share with the audience?

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