Bandits on The Run. They’re so fun and just incredible speakers off the cuff that we decided to run this interview with no edits. (They will find this out when it is released. You’re welcome, my friends!) We talked bolo ties, cabin fever, and friendship!

  • 0:00    Intro
  • 0:24     Adrian Enscoe reads the name of the meeting out loud. “Bandits Interview – I love you” after having issues connecting to our interview, and some scheduling conflicts. (All good! It’s all good!)
  •             (BTW this interview is with Bandits On The Run. Other members are Sydney Shepherd and Regina Strayhorn.)
  • 1:40     Tell us about your recent Tiny Desk Session     
  • 4:17      What are you doing online right now to keep the community open and engaged?
  • 6:11       While everyone else is pillaging paper products, what one item would you buy the store out of if given the chance?
  • 7:26      Out of context of SXSW, this might be a little different… What’s the most statement-making piece of clothing you’re wearing right now?
  • 11:18     Anything else you’d like to share with us?

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Meredith Schneider