Brooklyn’s newest breakout alternative act is Sunshine Convention, led by brainchild and industry veteran Jake Whitener. And it is the most exciting thing we have on our radar right now. After whirlwind inspiration in his home in the last 3 years, Whitener wrote over 300 songs. He was then tasked at whittling down his ideas to just one full-length collection to introduce the music concept. Its first two single releases have more than piqued our interest.

A nostalgic, 60s and 70s psychedelic rock encases your headspace as soon as you press “play” on a Sunshine Convention song. Moments of lazy surf rock and whirring guitar really make both singles have widespread appeal, from the realistic (and often sarcastic) burnouts to the hopeful idealists and everyone in between. With the release of the project’s second official single – “The Spark” – and its accompanying psychedelic music video, our excitement increases tenfold for the full-length, due out this summer. (July 21st, to be exact. Mark your calendars!)

The full-length is being given a super limited first run on CD, with matte Digipak case and two bonus songs. Pre-orders are open now.

Meredith Schneider