Old Friends – the new album from spoony bard – is out now, and it has everything an experimental music lover could ever want.  With Kid Cudi-esque melodies and Earl Sweatshirt flow, spoony bard is the alter-ego of musician David Nord.  Rap, funk, electronic, and a multitude of other genres and sounds can be discovered in Old Friends, perfectly displaying spoony bard’s range and influences.

With references to Game of Thrones, food, and pro skateboarders, the opening track “ego trippin par 99” hits hard, setting the tone for the rest of the album.  The following tracks have their own unique feel, no two being similar in sound or scope.  If I had to make any artistic comparison, it would have to be if you took Gorillaz and threw in Kid Cudi as their frontman.  Dash in some more traditional funk and 90’s rap and you get spoony bard, an artist not afraid to push boundaries, both sonically and lyrically.

Old Friends is out now on all major platforms. Keep up with spoony bard on his socials. Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

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