We made this playlist thinking about what inspired us during the album production time or simply what we listened too and maybe indirectly inspired us. The result, is that we actually and apparently listened to different kind music from different style and different historical period. Most part of the music is rock or came from rock, another part is electronic or contaminated by it , for example, we enjoyed some classic song from icons like Rolling Stones, but we have been impressed by some young and fresh artists like Tom Vek. We jumped from the “Dark Country” of the Builders and the Butchers to the Industrial sound of Ministry, or from the City And Colour melancholy to the energy of the English Architects!

Anyhow, we personally don’t think that there is a huge gap among those 48 songs , they have something in common and I challenge you to find this point. Maybe is a matter of frequency or just the mood or maybe all of them have the same roots, you can find it or maybe just listen to the playlist and have fun jumping from a romantic acoustic sound to an extreme electronic metal.

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Meredith Schneider