by: tiffany czech

In a world where material possessions meet spiritual growth, one may find themselves just as conflicted as the character in Sir Sly’s music video for “Material Boy”.  Here, the material boy is someone who appears to be in a state of distress as he works through his emotions to leave behind any care in the world about material items.  Through watching him chew up wads of cash and hide from all of the expensive things he owns; the viewer comes to understand that he yearns for more in his life.  He yearns to be free from the material chains that are constraining him.  The catchy chorus of the song reminds the listener that our material boy has found a spiritual void within himself and he strives to fill it.

What is great about what we see in this video is that it doesn’t need to follow one meaning for everybody who watches it.  It could mean struggling to come to terms with the current political landscape, as the second verse alludes to, just as much as it could represent the struggle to leave an unfulfilling job that pays well.  The common theme amongst the profuse number of possible interpretations is the yearning to find something that makes one feel whole.  “Material Boy” both fascinates and perplexes, as well as provides the best form of entertainment for the viewer.  Lead singer Landon Jacobs notes: “My highest hope is that this video can mean something a little different for anyone that watches it, but at the very least, I hope it is entertaining.”