Tap into your summertime nostalgia with Simpson’s new track “Summer”! The sizzling single may seem out of place considering how messy the summer of 2020 has been, but what Simpson offers is a reminder of how the concept of summer can mean different things. When describing the song she states “’Summer’ is so much more than a song about the summer. It’s about bottling, escaping nostalgia, being present, being flung into the afterthought of the future. It’s sarcastic, it’s cheeky, it kisses your forehead. Summer sees you, remembers you, and doesn’t forget you. Summer is what you were looking forward to that ended up letting you down, but you were so fucked on it exceeding expectations that you didn’t even realize it. Summer is a person, summer is a place, summer is a thing, summer is a feeling.”

Indeed, “Summer” embodies the kind of energy that you feel on a sunny, clear-skied mid-July day. Beginning with just a guitar riff and drums, the music starts off muted before sharpening, like you’re stepping out into the brilliant warmth. The guitar part is persistent and has that happy go lucky sound that’s characteristic of summer. It complements the vocal line well, at times tracing the same melodic arc. While the track certainly leans into the whole summery vibe, the bassline adds an attractive contrasting element. It sounds like something you would hear in a song by The Human League from the 80s. This detail, slight as it may be, gives “Summer” a bit of extra oomph.

Simpson released her first gem in 2017 with her debut song “Switch Lanes.” Since then she has been touring and releasing other singles along the way. “Summer” is her freshest track yet, with more to come in 2020! Be sure to also check out her accompanying new single “I Miss My Dawgs.” All the streaming revenue for this track will go towards organizations that support black LGBTQIA+ people around the United States.

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