In their new affection-infused single “One in a Million”, NYC pop trio Running Lights remind listeners to savour the moments in life that we hold dear. The trio wants to stress the importance of cherishing your loved ones, especially in light of the social isolation that has come with the pandemic. If you don’t actively nurture your relationships with love and devotion, it’s easy to lose sight of them. “‘One in a Million’ is a leap of faith. It’s about letting moments that feel like they’re meant to happen, happen,” explains vocalist/guitarist Mike Squillante. The infectious track uses a dance beat and a zealous electro-pop sound to perfectly encapsulate the energy of a romantic late night on the town. It fuses together the tenderness and the intoxicating thrill of love, using romantic piano and adoring lyrics but also zestful beats and electric synths. The words paint an endearing picture of a couple exploring the city in their own bubble of bliss, lost in love-driven oblivion.

Running Lights is made up of siblings Mike and Nick Squillante and their childhood friend Stephen Ranellone. Hard work is their mantra, a deep-rooted concept coming from their Italian working-class upbringing and the perfect pairing to their passion for music. The trio has a plethora of experience in the music industry; Mike has toured as a guitarist and keyboardist for major label acts such as Melanie Martinez and Gnash, Nick utilizes his skills as an engineer at NYC’s Electric Lady Studios, working with legendary artists such as Frank Ocean, Bon Jovi, and Mumford & Sons, and Stephen is the touring drummer with the indie artist Pronoun. Running Lights is the dynamic culmination of each of the members’ unique skills and experience, and “One in a Million” is a testament to their talent and determination.