Acclaimed piano virtuoso, Rob Kovacs, illustrates his talents in his newest endeavor: Let Go. The 9 track album is emotional, momentous, and provides a raw demonstration of life’s ups and downs. 

Having already been named “Best Pianist/Keyboardist” by the Cleveland Free Times, Kovacs is no stranger to the spotlight. Adding to his repertoire, the Cleveland native was the first pianist in history to perform both parts of Steve Reich’s Piano Phase live. I encourage you to look up the impressive feat if you wish to be amazed by the human capacity. 

Let Go tells the story of one relationship from beginning to end, in chronological order. Having worked on the concept album for over a decade, Kovacs was sure to not leave anything out. “Phade” kicks off the album similarly to how many relationships often do; peacefully and hopeful. As time goes on however, and the tracks progress, heavier weight is involved. “Here in the Future” hints at traces of anxiety, and in “Should-Haves” regret becomes clear. 

29 minutes and 55 seconds later, the listener has finished a musical three-course meal. From excitement, to the darker spaces of the world and back to a place of acceptance – one is left with a new perspective, as well as a scar. We only have Rob Kovacs to thank for all of that.

Sabrina Thurber