by: katy mombourquette

The dual-vocal quartet Rakes are busting out traditional rock and infusing it with soul and danceability with the bold single “Dig Deep” off their upcoming self-titled debut album. The album explores the big, punchy sounds of rock in ways that are sometimes harsh and other times tender. “Dig Deep” features the use of horns, giving it a soulful, grand sound, but also has a very classic guitar riff with just the right amount of distortion to keep the track tethered to its rocking roots. The vocalists Andrew Foster and Chelsea Walker show off the dynamic interplay between their voices; his hearty and hers full with a bit of twang to it, together a duet that’s equal parts tough and vivacious. Their words have a bite to them, but bounce on top of the vibrant melody lines that from all sonic appearances are upbeat and happy. Foster and Walker each play a character, at times playing call-and-response to the storyline that their lyrics tell. 

Rakes are an absolute treat for fans of classic rock, providing you with familiar and fresh sounds all at once. Buffs of the genre can easily fall in love with the soaring vocals and manic drumming, but at the same time they are exposed to the big band sound that the horns provide. “Dig Deep” is only a hint of the avenues that the full album will explore when it drops on September 18th.